Residential Services

Residential Services

Green’s Electrical Service not only provide their tremendous services for commercial and industrial sectors but also thrives to provide top quality and reliable electrical installations to homes. Being creative and highly experienced in designing, we know how to cater to the requirements of clients expectations related to electrical installation at their premises within their defined budget as delivering the high standards of result is our top most priority.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Green’s Electrical Service, primarily initiated the residential services by providing their services to existing homes and over 50 years of continuous hard work we are still passionate & proud about our work and services that we provide; it is the indication that we are well connected with our roots and have not disowned the original basis for the company. We are constantly delivering electrical maintenance service which varies from the replacement of faulty switches to repairing hot water systems to evaporative air conditioner breakdowns.

For bringing you the best residential property ‘Up to Standard’ , Green’s Electrical Service are  enthusiastically available to assist you with the installation of necessary RCD safety switches and smoke alarms; which are widely used as a crucial part for selling or leasing your property.

If you require additional information or advice related to services provided by Green’s Electrical Service, then feel free to contact us on (08)9277 5200 

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