Commerical Services

Commerical Services

Green's Electrical Service is a well-known name in the electrical industry who endeavours to work with new and existing clients to provide top quality and reliable electrical services to their client’s commercial premises. Green's Electrical Service is able to design, supply and install energy efficient installations in agreement with the building code act requirements.

This is an advantage for Green’s Electrical Service to have great involvement with numerous lighting suppliers to provide modern innovations in fluorescent, LED and induction lighting for retro fitting against existing conventional fluorescent and discharge lighting of commercial premises. Due to longevity of these latest fitting, Green’s Electrical Service has undertaken this work at next level resulting in numerous shopping centers and number of businesses to reduce power consumption with minimal maintenance charges since these fittings comes with an extended warranties provided by different manufacturers.

Green’s Electrical Service is extremely committed to provide constant maintenance to the commercial sector for breakdown of equipment or lighting issues as we understand and care about the sensitivity of commercial sector and for this reason we are competent to provide on time response to the clients in case of breakdown which enables them to operate their business again without any hassle.

Commerical services by Green's Electrical Service.numerous, with respect to the testing and then ongoing checking of equipment and lighting. The emergency lighting testing we provide is in accordance with AS/NZS 2293.1:1995 for testing and labeling all appliances with our state of the art moveable appliance tester in agreement with OSH regulation 3.60. Additionally, when equipment is due to be retesting we provide reminder through an email to our number of clients to get it done so they have peace of mind knowing the fact that their equipment has met current regulations impose by the legal authorities.

If you require additional information or advice related to commercial services provided by Green's Electrical Service, then feel free to contact us on (08)9277 5200

Commercial solutions provided by Green’s Electrical Service include:

  • Retail
  • Food outlets & Restaurants
  • Care Facilities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Entertainment Venues
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