Industrial Services

Industrial Services

For new industrial premises development, Green’s Electrical Service works in coexistence with some of Perth’s well-known commercial builders to provide electrical services. The service we offer  varies from electrical installations for new offices and warehouse facility to large industrial units.  The technology we use at Green’s Electrical Service is modernized and updated which accommodates our clients precise requirements. As we are not just limited to provide installation services, we are committed to assist our clients for their complete transition into their new industrial premises.

Green’s Electrical Service also provide their services for the designing and building of control cabinets to complement specific processing plants. We are able to deliver customised installation services to befit the clients requirements.

Maintenance and Upgrades

The team we have on board at Green’s Electrical Service, has highly skilled and competent tradesmen who exhibit great knowledge for the work they do and have understanding and hands on experience in the industrial machinery repairs sector. Furthermore, our team is also highly expert in the maintenance of control circuits and contactors.

We not only just assist in current installations process to regulate incoming power capacities but we also undertake the responsibility to inform you about, where the additional upgrade is required due to increase in machinery and how urgent it is.

If you require additional information or advice related to services provided by Green’s Electrical Service, then feel free to contact us on (08)9277 5200

Industrial solutions provided by Green’s Electrical Service include:

  • Engineering Firms
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Wholesale Facilities
  • Processing Plants
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